French Vanilla Instant Coffee

Premium coffee with rich vanilla extract that leaves you MEEsmerized.
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French Vanilla Coffee by MeeSoGood is handcrafted by experts using the finest quality of Arabica coffee beans naturally sourced and refined within days of harvesting to ensure extra freshness in your cup of coffee. Free of any artificial colours, flavours, sugar, or preservatives, it will give you the taste of premium quality coffee with the richest taste and pleasant aroma. Now you can enjoy your favourite café style coffee at home, anytime, anyday! 

We are committed to using the best methods & processes to help you enjoy delicious cups of coffee at the comfort of your home with the taste of  premium quality, rich taste and pleasant fragrance. There are no artificial flavours, ingredients, or chicory in our product, making it 100% Pure Coffee With Rich Essence Of Vanilla that gives you a long-lasting aftertaste.

It comes with a fine texture and leaves you feeling refreshed and energised. All you have to do is mix it with some milk topped with whipped cream and enjoy the unmistakable sweet and creamy confectionery taste in every sip of your coffee. Or you can also enjoy it as a hot latte, cappuccino, cold frappe or just simple black. A generous kick of vanilla makes this coffee a deliciously satisfying treat.

100% Pure Coffee, All natural Pure Vanilla Extract

Recipe1: Dalgona with MeeSoGood French Vanilla Instant Coffee

Can we make Dalgona with MeeSoGood French Vanilla Coffee? The answer is, YES! Making the forever-famous Dalgona with our French Vanilla Coffee is super easy! Whether you want to make something special for your friends and dear ones or just want to have a “happy coffee for a happy time”, just make sure you follow every step we mention below and enjoy!

1. 2 tbsp. granulated sugar
2. 2 tbsp. MeeSoGood French Vanilla Instant Coffee
3. 2 tbsp. cold water
4. Ice, for serving
5. Milk, for serving

1. Medium bowl
2. A hand mixture or electric whisk
3. Spoons
4. A glass
5. A mug

Take a medium bowl and mix 2 tablespoons of sugar, coffee, and water each in it.
Whisk it using a hand mixer or an electric whisk until the mixture turns silky smooth and shiny. Continue mixing until it takes a thick, lofty, and foamy texture. Remember, whisking with hands can take upto 8-12 minutes to get the ideal texture.
Fill a glass with milk & ice as per your preference.
Add a dollop of whipped cream or sprinkle it with cinnamon or other ingredients on top of it to give it more texture.
You can also add some bits of MeeSoGood Chocolate of your choice to enhance the taste with some extra flavours.

Recipe2: Mocha with MeeSoGood French Vanilla Coffee

It's very easy, simple, and hassle-free to make Mocha using MeeSoGood French Vanilla Coffee! So, the next time you want to make something extra special for your dear ones or for yourself, you know what to do - just follow these simple steps and relax with a heavenly cup of cafe-style Caffe Mocha!
The best part is, you can also make it a hot chocolate by adding any MeeSoGood chocolate of your choice.

1. MeeSoGood French Vanilla Instant Coffee
2. Sugar & Milk
3. Hot Water
4. MeeSoGood Chocolates (for extra flavour)
5. Whipped cream
7. A kettle
8. A mug
9. Spoon

Boil 1 ½ cup of water in a kettle.
Mix it with 2 tbsp of MeeSoGood French Vanilla Instant Coffee to dissolve it does not have any lumps.
Froth or steam some milk to your preference and add a scoop of it to the top of the mocha. You can also add a scoop of whipped cream for the same.
Once done, you can also make it look extra delicious with any MeeSoGood Chocolate of your choice. Or simply sprinkle some cinnamon to instantly enhance its aroma.

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